Desktop set up advise

This is a newbie question :grinning:

Currently I have schiiit modi and magnai for my Fostex T50RP Mk3.

I am planning to add a topping pa3 speaker amplifier but I am not sure on speakers to get to match this set up.

I know a lot of people use Miccas but this brand is unavailable in my country.

The budget I had been looking at is aud $100 - $400

On the less expensive side you could consider fluance sx6’s, or you might be able to look into the Paradigm SE Atom

if you haven’t bought speakers yet, you could get a pair of powered and then just use the pre-outs on the Magni and not have to worry about an amp. look at the Kanto YU4 or YU6.

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Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about our speakers.

PS This is my first time posting. Mods, feel free to let me know if manufacturers are not allowed on here or if there’s a process I need to go through to be verified.


Huh, well hello kanto lol. Great speakers :+1:

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Welcome, I certainly hope manufacturer’s are aloud. :heart:Kanto.

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First, my prices are in euro so you will have to look the prices up for yourself.
I have heard mixed opinions about the topping pa3 so hear me out.

My personal setup (and one I can recommend) is the Klipsch R-51 (200-250) combined with an SMSL AD18. I have put my speakers on stands from amazon for like 40 euro so they could be lifted above my monitors.
I do have a sub but even with the sub turned off I would totally recommend this setup

Note: with the song “Money for nothing” from the Dire Straits (not some edit, the full 8 minutes one), that buildup of that high note can actually hurt but. well like in a good sexy way. I don’t know how to describe it but it is amazing IMO

Link to pictures & Zeos reviewing the SMSL AD18:

That’s not a bad setup at all, pretty solid :+1:

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You might hear distortion fast, especially at loud volume, or if you pair inefficient speakers with the SMSL AD18, though. Also, OP already has a headphone amp (looks at the schiit website) oof, wayyy more powerful than the SMSL AD18 headphone out.

My vote goes for the Topping PA3, for a little desktop amp, with good reviews, for passive speakers.
Also, Fluance SX6s are big for the desktop lol, and the highs may be a bit too much (if the tweeters are right in front of you).

I really like the pa3, it’s a nice amp for the price.
I don’t think Blue would really have a ton of issues with the ad18 as those are pretty efficient speakers, and they are not as amp picky as other speakers. The ad18 is a nice all in one for a good price in a small form factor, so it’s pretty good for some people.

In ops case the pa3 might be the better option