Desktop set up for dual pc input and headphone/speaker output

Hi all, new here so go easy on my knowledge.
Like many of the other posts I’m trying to optimise my wfh situation which is currently a work laptop with Bluetooth headset and a separate surface pro with a schiit fulla 2 and shp9500, plus iloud micros connected via the 3.5mm port.
With limited space my ideal setup is a single dac/amp to take switchable inputs from the pcs, then selectable (unplug is fine) outputs between the shp9500 and speakers.
Does such a setup exist and ideally on a budget under $300?
Thanks for any help!

Your issue is going to be the dual PCs. I know of no DAC that has dual USB inputs. Does one of your PCs have optical output?

You could get a usb switch to deal with the multiple inputs. I might be adding unwanted “noise” in the system, but I personally cant tell. As for the dac/amp I will let others with knowledge chime in there.

I use a usb switch to go between audio on my pc and ipad. The switch has 2 inputs and 4 outputs. I use one output > topping e30 > liquid spark. Another output > ifi hip dac now and again.

Unfortunately not.
After a morning on google Ive just seen the recent zreview vid of the big soncoz which has 2 usb inputs, but I dont need balanced and its a bit big and pricey for me.
He mentions its the only dual USB input dac he’s seen so I guess my ideal solution doesn’t exist?

Thanks, I’ll check it out

USB 1.1 - Driver-less, plug-n-play computer input that is limited to 96kHz.
USB 2.0 - Hi-speed computer input that is capable of 192kHz and 64x and 128xDSD

But this would be even better.

Bryston BDA-3 DAC

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Oh cool. There you go then!