Desktop set-up for under 2k-3k

I’m new to this and everything else so i wanna do setup for my room its a little small but it doesn’t really matters? (maybe idk) but i want a set of speakers and also a sub in room and for the inputs that would be to my pc and my phone (optional) and also a turntable and that is all.

what is everyone recommendations for this setup and I’m going to get them one piece at a time cause i don’t want to spend all my money all at once.

Thank you for answering my questions.

Floor standing or shelf? How big is the room, bigger than 10’x10’?
What kind of music do you enjoy? Would you say you like the snap of cymbal hits, more pronounced vocals, or powerful bass?

Shelf would be preferred and my room is liitle over of 10x11 and then type of music its all over its like hip pop, rap, corridos (mexican music), symphony (like orchestra and wind interments), anime music, games music (like Nier automata) that is all type of music i would cycle through and then for the taste of it i would like to more pf the vocals and some type of snaps from some of the songs and not crazy bass like a good amount bass.

thank you for answering my questions and if you need anything else just ask away.

Got it ok, so it sounds like maybe you don’t have a preference towards a specific sound or tuning as much as a form factor.

Have you looked at any powered monitors? They would be all upfront cost, since the amps are built into the speakers, but they don’t require a bunch of additional hardware (separate dacs, amps, cables) and there’s a huge range to fit your desired size/price.

yea i thought of it before its cause im also going to get some headphones to have like hd600 and if i need to get a sperate amp and for it im fine with it. dont mind the cables and the mess cause right now i have a small desk but soon im going to get a bigger desk and everything and we are going to moving houses like in a few years so i could do either or but which do you recommend to get and the budget wall also with the cables in mind and all the little things.

thank you for responding

im what price range do you recommend to spend on powered monitors and also which brand do you recommend same goes for the subs in case i wanna add that later on?

Hello, thought I might jump in. For powered monitors you can’t go wrong with Kali Audio, they make the best powered monitors under $1000 and they make an add-on sub as well. However, they are very flat-sounding, as monitors are supposed to be. If you are looking for more fun-sounding speakers, I would recommend either the Swan D300s or the Swan M300MkIIs, both of which are in stock on Amazon right now. In other words, unless you are going to be mastering music or using the speakers for strictly professional purposes, I think you would be best off with the Swans. Zreviews has really good videos on both of them. I tried out the D300s($600) myself and was so blown away that I returned them and got the M300MKIIs($900) and now I am in heaven. I know you said you were interested in getting a sub eventually but you don’t need it with the swans (seriously), and they don’t give you the ability to add one. Keep in mind you can always try them out and utilize Amazon’s generous return policy. However, if you are set on getting a sub, I would seriously consider JBL Studio 530’s (routinely on sale for ~$300), an Aiyima A07(~$80 on Amazon), and a sub of your choice. Sorry for the long response, I’m quite new here and have never contributed to forums before.

P.S. With the Swan M300MKIIs(not the D300s) make sure to turn the bass and treble knobs all the way up, they will sound much better that way.

okay thank you for response and i would greatly those in mind when i get the budget in line

I have to agree with getting Swans. I purchased the Swan H6 which is the same as the M300 mk2 but with smaller drivers and they are exceptional. Fantastic at lower volumes and so effortless. I did add a sub but it really is not needed. The only issue is customer service if you are outside of Asia. They seem to have agents in Thailand where I live and other Asian countries but little else. You take a chance but would I buy again if no support……he’ll yeah!!

well thank you for your responses and now i could start saving up that i could buy them.

thank you

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