Desktop speaker system for 600€

A friend is looking for a passive speaker system for his desk under 600€.
I don’t really know what to recomment because there are so many 500€ speakers out there which get high praise but I don’t know if they work well in a nearfield setup.
I told him to consider the Triangle BR02/ BR03 or Elac UB5, but there are many other options at that price point.
For amping I recommended to get a used vintage amp from Ebay like Akai, Denon or similar ones.

What would you recommend for that scenario?

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If I had to get passive speakers (and assuming ur in europe coz you use €), it would be mohr KL20.
200€ a pair, leaves room for a very good amp or even an additional subwoofer.
Amazon link:
look at that full 5 star rating :star_struck: for realz tho, they sound good - my best friend has those and I’m using mohr tower speakers with their own budget amp SV50. Couldn’t be happier.

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Jamo S805 floorstanders got a good review.