Desktop Speakers for 250€

Hello guys as the title says:
I’m looking for desktop speakers/monitors for up to 250€. Mostly for music and gaming, I don’t need a surround set up just 2 speakers and maybe woofer (if necessary). I have zero experience with speakers so if someone could point me to the right direction I would be grateful!

My current desktop audio set up consists of a SoundblasterX G6 (in direct mode) feeding my Zen Can with pc and console (PS5+Switch via optical in) audio.

If you got the space and maybe can stretch your budget a bit I can highly recommend you looking into Edifier S1000MKII

You will not need a subwoofer with these, trust me!

Thanks for taking some time for this, much appreciated! The budget is def stretched a bit with this one! How do they sound though? What are their strength and weakness?

Just saw that they also have inbuilt dac, so how is the quality of it? Was thinking of splitting audio output from my G6 (3.5mm) to my future speakers and the zen can. But if the dac is usable I could route everything through my optical switch (consoles already in there) and split from there (one to speakers other to G6)

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These speakers sound fantastic, don’t you worry about a thing!
You can also adjust Bass and Treble to your liking directly on the right speaker via knobs.
You have different input options that you can choose via remote which is included.
Bluetooth also comes in handy when you just want to connect your phone real quick without turning on your computer.
I am really impressed with these and I also own waaaay more expensive speakers!
But be aware these are quite heavy and chonky but if you got the space totally go for it
Big sound and especially big bass needs to come from somewhere - - > big speakers :grin::loud_sound:

Have been using them on my desk first standing right in front of them which sounded fantastic and now I am using them in another scenario sitting further away in a bigger room… Only thing I had to do was increasing the amount of bass and they sound fantastic aswell

Strengths? BIG Sound, really detailed, spacious, perfect stereo image
Weakness? For this price none. Really can’t think of anything I don’t like about them

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Nice to hear! Now if the price would just be a tad lower though xD

Try ebay, i got mine brand new and sealed for 280€!

Definitely trying my luck

Still if you or someone else have other suggestions still open about anything

I found the Pioneer DJ DM-50D-BT while looking for some cheaper speakers do you think they are good?

some question for Azyrion.

a) what music genre’s do you like to listen to?
b) how do you hope to mount / place the speakers?

  • no doubt nearfield…but where they can go and how they can or should be positioned depends on the answer for the question below
    c) can you show us your desk with the space(s) immediately available on either side of it?

I know the Euro doesn’t go quite as far as the US / CAD due to your taxes…but 250€ isn’t chump change so with careful consideration and patience I think you can find and setup something very pleasing!

Hello thanks for taking time to help me!

a) I’m mostly listening to hip hop (70% of the time), funk, pop und some jazz. But I also listen to some rock from time to time.

b) I am planning to put them directly on my desk with something like this for height adjustment or just stands besides my desk. Can’t show my desk atm as I’m not at home.

Sorry it’s gonna take longer than expected to return home so here a quick paint layout scribble of my desk.

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what space do you have on either side of the desk as there is definitely no room for them on the desk itself. some people have them mounted off the wall above their desk, but that monitor on the right side will make placement there a bit more difficult, if it’s a feasible possibility.

I have around 30cm before it gets in the way of passing by(right side) or window (leftside)