Desktop speakers under 700

Hi guys

I am thinking of buying some speakers to use on the PC. My budget is up to $ 700, I usually listen to rock, metal, hiphop etc. (a little bit of everything). Up to $ 700 what speakers recommend? If I don’t have an amp / dac, do I need one? I walked the fi5 k5 pro but I don’t know if it’s a good option.

Thank you for your help

Are you looking for powered or passive speakers? And do you have any size restraints?

I have no preference, i dont have any size restraints as well. I saw the KEF Q150, Kanto YU6, Yamaha HS 7.

I don’t know anything about speakers, I don’t know and they are good options…

What do you think @M0N ?

Hmmm. Well perhaps you might want to start a bit lower then, and get something more budget oriented. What type of sound signature are you going for?

I am looking for something all-around, I will listen to the music styles I said above and I will gaming / movies etc.

I have the Sennheiser 6xx, im looking for something similar in terms of sound

I’m thinking Edifier S2000 Pros.

KEF Q150 are still on sale right now for $299, I think that is a pretty good deal and would work well for nearfield. You would still need a speaker amp since they are passive though. you could get a Topping PA3 or step up to something like a Emotiva bas-x 100. You will also need a DAC to send the signal to the amp…

I see that you have a 6xx which is definitely a HP that benefits greatly from a nice amp, If it was me I would take this opportunity to get Fiio K5pro which you can use as a dac for your speaker amp as well as a good headphone amp for your senns.

Speaking about powered, you should definitely give a go to Swan M300.
Roughly $530

KEF Q150 - $300

Emotiva BasX A-100 - $230

Dayton SUB-1000- $120

Topping D10 DAC - $77

The above is just over $700 and would be a pretty sweet starter system if OP wanted to go passive.

Thanks guys