Desktop stack/DACamp for IEM's

I’ve been looking for a stack or DACamp for desktop use that suits IEM’s. I have the FIIO k3 but even on balanced I can hear the noise floor pretty easily with my Mangird Tea’s. Any recommendations for a low noise floor stack or DACamp suited for IEM’s around the $300-$500 range?

If you also want it to be portable/transportable, to me the best price to perfomance ratio at the moment is Xduoo’s XD-05 Bal.

Topping NX7 is a beast but has no amp, so you would have to use a dongle/dac with it.

As for desktop, depends on what signature you want, but the usual rec for clean is Topping. DX3 Pro+ is recognized all-in-one kind of deal. Other offers like the 50 series as well.

Good luck :call_me_hand:

PS: Tea Cult salutes you :wink:

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JDS do the Atom DAC & Amp combo.
I have the amp and its great with iems

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The Atom Amp+ has 3.5 mm line in so you can use a cheap dongle DAC (e.g. Apple Dongle) if you want to upgrade the stack in phases.

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Easy if they’re still available (if not then s/h) iFi nano iDSD BL …

and you can take that with ya OTG :+1:

I must say Sabaj a10h is a good options for an iem desktop amp. Cheap, no noise floor and digital volume so no channel imbalance. The matching dac is relatively expansive for what it is. I would look elsewhere.

In another thread around here, I had read that ZenDac V2 was suitable for sensitive IEMs, but haven’t tried it myself. I’d be interested to know the good options though.

Good thread.

Looking for:
Stand-alone AMP.
0 noise floor for IEMs.
Has to have at least 3.5/6.3mm & 4.4 outputs.

Up to ~ $350/€300

Any suggestions?

Topping NX7. Negative gain, 1.4W, good batery.


I have a Schiit Modi Multibit ($249) and Schiit Vali ($149). On low gain I don’t hear any noise. I used to have a Schiit Magni ($99) and from what I remember, on low gain I didn’t hear any noise. If you live in the LA area (Newhall) they have a store you can test their gear.

Hi Guys.

Just a general doubt about amplifiers…

Can I connect a Apple Dongle Dac to a Desktop Amplifier like Topping A50s using a cable like this?


Yes, no problem at all


smsl m400 - smslsp400 stack or the ADI-2 DACfs dac/amp

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