Desperate upgrade 5 year old headset

Hello everyone ! I am looking to buy a new headset since the one i have has completely worn out on me. The one i currently have is the audio technica ag1, which are currently discontinued but ive heard have basically the same sound as the ad700. Correct me if i am wrong. But i would like a new headset most emphasis in gaming, no mic needed since i have an external. around the 200 dollar budget. Here are the ones ive been looking at.
Beyerdynamic dt990 or the 880.
Or the sennhiester 6xx on massdrop.
Ive just been stuck on decision making so if someone can help me out. thanks guys !

Yes the ad700x is pretty similar to the ag1 except it’s going to be more accurate with imagining and soundstage, but similar signature with a bit less bass then the ag1

The dt880 250 ohm is more balanced then the ad700x, so that would also be a good option

what would be the differences between the 880 and the 990? and which would you recommend?

I would recommend the 880 because it is a more neutral response and imo also not as bothersome in the treble. The 990 is great for competitive, but imo not something I enjoyed because of the excessive treble

i also have a asus xonar se card, would 250 be ok?

It would most likely work, but you might be pushing it

so should i go for the lower ohm version instead?

I don’t think there is an 80 ohm 880, but there is an 80 ohm 990

there is a 35 ohm version on amazon.

I wouldn’t recommend it because it will be a lot more bloated then the higher impedance versions, but TBH using 250 ohm dt 770s on a phone works just fine in my experience, so I would think you would be fine.