Detached tweeter on Adam T5Vs

I recently purchased a pair of secondhand Adam T5V speakers and one of the tweeters has become dislodged within the speaker cabinet during transport. This means when I pick the speaker up it can move around 1cm to the side or deeper into the speaker. At best it sits around 1cm from the plastic on the outside, as opposed to the other speaker of the pair, where there is no such gap.

With some preliminary testing, this does not some to affect sound at all.

Is this something I should be aiming to fix, or would it be fine to just leave it? Is opening the cabinet on these speakers to take a look risky at all? What’s the likely fix to reattach the tweeter?

Part of the problem is I’m thinking I might want to sell these on one day to upgrade to T7Vs and I’m worried about selling them in this state.

Any thoughts much appreciated :slight_smile:

Start from the back side and move forward in.
You probably will see how the drivers are / plastic attachments have been done (glue or screws?).
Then some DIY reattachments and hopefully its fixed.