Detailed and neutral for orchestra and classical under $250

I’m trying to fill in last spot in my IEM collection with something with neutral tuning, good resolution, separation and detail retrieval, mainly for busy classical recordings. Right now this spot is occupied with EPZ K5 but I’m missing extension on both ends and that little bit of detail retrieval
From reviews I’m considering P1 Max, maybe Bqueyz Winter but I’m not 100% sure.

Did you consider flathead buds? Some stuff from Riku (GAS2? @Rikudou_Goku) or TGXear (I believe Serratus) would probably be perfect for all kinds of orchestral music, but the catch is whether buds work for you fit-wise


I second @pylaczynski - earbuds will tick your requirements. I listen to film scores, classical guitar, and a lot of jazz, and would solidly recommend TGXEar or Rikubuds. Both DIYers offer more than MX500 shells, so just ping them and see if you can try some shells!


I don’t think I’m ready to plunge into this territory right now with this money, showereheads are still in my mind something that you get for under $10 :sweat_smile: No offense to manufacturers, I just need to do additional research because testing them in person here in EU can be borderline impossible.
For now I would probably stick to some more popular solutions.
Thanks for the heads up anyways, this is not something I ever considered.


I don’t blame you, because 2 years ago I had just exactly the same attitude towards buds as you (freebies, shit sound etc). But you would be surprised how many people converted to flatheads now and would swear that they live along their TOTL IEMs and headphones costing 10x more. You just need to like this presentation and fit.
Btw - which headphones do you have? As those are closer in sound presentation than IEMs probably.

But understandably - taking a >100$ plunge at something kept in your mind so low is probably not the best idea. Then there are dozen of more affordable ones to try out - 3$ Vido (trust me), 10$ Qian39, 30$ EB2S, 40$ LBBS (those could be probably be the final one a lot of people would ever need, while having very respectable looks and finish. There are rumors about its QC though) to name just a few - there are people specialized in them in here.

If you are in Poland by accident I can send you some of my DIY for trials if you will :slight_smile:

As for IEMs for those genres - sorry I can’t help in that


That’s me to a tee, I pretty much only listen to TGXear Serratus and my Z1R’s (with a few exceptions when I’m in the mood to play with source’s)…I’ve got two more buds on order which should be with me soon…In fact unless you require the sound isolation that comes with an IEM maybe as @pylaczynski suggests try some cheaper buds first :+1:



Unfortunately, it seems it’s currently unavailable…

If you’re strictly after an IEM, than I’d recommend single DD sets. If you share example pieces with me, I’ll listen on my Simgot EA500, TGXEAR Serratus, and let you know my thoughts. You’ll be able to find DD sets with better technicalities than EA500 for up to 250 USD, but maybe not an order of magnitude better

I believe you could fall in love with Miyabi Intime (Japan).
It is an awesome bullet shaped, partly copper IEM with a DD and a piezo driver. I have had three other different intime IEMs of which this may well be the best for classical and jazz.

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I would not go with any iems with piezos for classical as the timbre is not too natural with those drivers.


My opinion is different. I long listen mainly to acoustic jazz. I spent significant times in concert halls and most of all in jazz clubs. That is ultimately the living sound I look for.
I have had some many experiences with iems; single and multi BAs, single and multi DDs, hybrids and tri hiprids leading me some times to opposite conclusions.

And this Intime is one of these very good experiences. Realistic, breathing, sharp and never sibilant, low gamma well present and layered for my tastes. And still very natural for acoustic sounds. Worth single DDs or hibrids (some.I own …) three times the price and sometimes more.

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Glad you found something that has good timbre for you! I personally haven’t tried any piezo hybrid sets. What type of jazz do you listen to? I’m mostly into solo to quartet bands, often featuring double bass, drums, and sax/clarinet.

I love drums and bass. I spend all my time listening to old Prestiges and Impulse! and BN (and Strata East/ Black Jazz). I love the Japan Jazz Scene of the '70s. Actually I am very impressed by the sound of some LP 24bit rips, recordings I collected and heard 10000 times since my teens now revealing some sound deepness, space and nuances no one of my old and new cds were seemingly capable of.

Thank you for the clues.
I am actually waiting to receive a Sennheiser IE900. I already have an Oxygen an Isabellae and a FAudio Dark Sky. Very good ones I use too are Penon Serial and UM 3DT, to stick with DDs


Hook-X. Og

TANGZU HeyDay will Hexa both work - if you like more treble then go for HeyDay

Classical music lover here.

I strongly recommend the Etymotics line. I love my ER4-XR. Detailed and neutral. Prices vary a lot if you shop around. If I compare with my Andromedas, the Andro has a more three dimensional sound. I do prefer the Andros, but they cost a LOT more, and when I listen to the Etys, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. Or suffering. In fact, I use the Etys when I travel, and I look forward to it. Also, the sound isolation for the Etys is fantastic. Sometimes that’s a must. I use them on the plane and only feel scorn for folks who invest in active noise cancellation. Andros can’t compare.

I’ve read the ER-2 is slightly less detailed but offers a better timbre because if the dynamic driver vs the 4’s BA, but I thing the BA is fine. Maybe if I directly compared I might notice a difference. Might.

I also have Tin T-2s. Quite good for the price. Not in the same league as the Etys, but still enjoyable.

I had a pair of Starfield and didn’t like it at all. I thought the Tins, at half the price, were better.