Did anyone here buy into the modular laptop platform from Framework?

they have delivered on their promise to provide their first upgrade to install Alder Lake.

I will watch this with interest as if they do it for several generations successfully, it has promise of remaining legit.

if they are giving you the whole board, should be easy to swap. its the soldering and de-soldering that usually gets people.

I bought one last November when they were doing their second batch of orders. My previous 3 or 4 laptops were MacBook Pro’s or MacBook Air’s and I couldn’t be happier with the Framework laptop.

I put Arch Linux on it and it runs like a dream. I think they use the same OEM that Apple uses for the touchpads, and it’s very nice. The keyboard is also nice and easy to type on too.

It’s been a solid performer for me everyday since I bought it.


It’s an interesting project, even more since Linus has put his money into it

I currently dont have a laptop,I really want one of these, will see though if my job will just give me one.
The only thing that held me back besides /\ is that they dont have a touch screen. the comunity is currently looking into that but a Official one would be nice to have.

if they make a 16" model, I might be interested. I don’t like small laptops.

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one of the guys that made the oculus is an investor. company probably isnt going anywhere.

edit: and his investment firm has invested twice. so he must believe in it going somewhere.

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alas, that happens a lot of times and it still doesn’t guarantee long term success. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve never heard of these but they seem reasonably priced, especially given the future-proofing that any other laptops at that price lack. I appreciate the discount on the “DIY” version especially as it seems like all-lego™-no-solder.


indeed, the prices are pretty fair, aren’t they.

if they get models with decent graphics I’ll be getting one
my poor $500 laptop from 2015 struggles to do much anymore lol

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indeed and one of the benefits of a larger laptop is the space that would allow for something like GPU. however, based on Dell’s major flop of an attempt for upgradeable GPU on an Alienware laptop, even with the MXM form factor, it’s obviously not so easy.

thinking more of just having the option for dedicated graphics with the mobo’s, doesn’t need to be a dedicated “hotswappable” part if they can’t reasonably do it

I would like a return of MXM form factor GPUs. Not just for Laptops, but would be neat in big-ish ITX boxes.

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I think this will be my next laptop in the next couple of years after the company matures a bit more. It’s awesome to see this approach to trying to kill the ewaste and forcing some right to repair back into the market.
Idk how many times a track pad or screen has died on me and there isn’t an easy way to fix it. This could be a legitimate game changer.

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some pro and con videos.

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what are their cliff notes? I’ve got COVID and ADHD, no chance in hell I an watch those…

its moving along nicely. some tweaks to work out still. but everyone is on board as it being the future of laptops. some potentially minor issues to work out still. mostly with the laptop itself and not so much the guts. edit: laptop case i mean when i said laptop.

who knows though. they just got a huge round of investment from firms. that can change things. sometimes for the better, sometimes not.

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