Did your DAC ever slow tempo?

Ok so i got a power surge with ports that seem to be going in and out. I had my DAC SU8 plugged into one of these ports. the power kept going on and off on the DAC. I plugged it into another port when it came back up i swear it was playing the music slower. like actually in a slower tempo.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

I’m trying to understand what kind of “port” you are plugging your DAC in? (sorry not as savvy as some of you more technically skilled folks here) otherwise nope never had any weird issue like this.

did you try it on a different power strip or the wall outlet direct?

Well i dont think its the power, i thought maybe the power outs and in’s caused a surge or something the damaged the DAC.

did you check all your settings to make sure it didn’t randomly glitch out or something. i do not own the su8, but it has a ton of things to change from what i gather.

i’ll check that out, thanks