Differences SMSL SU-8 V1 versus V2

Hey, I just ordered a SMSL SU-8 and a Loxjie P20 off german Amazon. Now I found out that there are two versions of the SU-8. Are there any dealbreaking differences between the two? Since I can´t figure out which version I will get.

@brux i´ll link you since it seems that you run this exact setup.

I would not stress it overly much, the VS2 came out at least 2 years ago, there really should not be many vs1’s floating around. Yes there is a way to tell, but i believe it involved opening up the unit, there was a thread with some pictures somewhere on the internet but that was from a long long time ago, some good searches may prove fruitful to you.

I believe I have a V1 from just before they launched the V2. I’m happy with mine. Have not noticed any issues personally, still love mine here at the office. THX desktop amp at the house is supposed to be my #1, but I never get to use it. But yeah if you bought one new I think you should be safe from the V1 issue!

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mine says “10th anniversary edition” on the back. so it´s the V2.

There is a thread on ASR where you can see the differences in the measurements. Pretty significant. I have a v2 and it is great.