Different Music for Different Headphones

It would be a TON of work, likely 1,000 hours of work or more, but I can’t stop thinking about it.

As my collection has grown in quantity and quality, I have become more and more content. But you know what would make my music experience near perfect? A playlist for every headphone.

No single headphone likes all my collection. Bassy stuff really bangs on my Cascades and rock guitar and vocals are so powerful on my Grado’s. Etc., etc. I also have a lot of older stuff featuring jazz (usually very good), blues and soul. Much of this stuff really does not sound great on several of my headphones. And the stuff that is recorded near perfect sounds great on everything, but it sounds SUPER on the smoothest headphones.

I ripped all my DVD’s to the computer early this year and that was a big job. This would be Way more involved with almost 7,000 songs. The only saving grace would be that the full albums could likely be grouped as one.

I SO want this to happen, but I am SO lazy… :laughing:

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Oh my!

How old are you?



Ancient! Like really old. And Super lazy.


I love the idea. I would use this system myself.
Are you using local files or streaming?

Local files. CD’s were ripped to the hard drive and then I started buying online about a decade ago.

It would be a ton of work though to do it right. As in play every song through every headphone. Many songs would fit with several headphones (I have ten sets right now) so this could take a LONG time.

But it would be so cool. :grin:

I would do it differently if I were you. I would decide which headphones are good for what genres of music then the task is easy.
i.e Grado SR 60 good for vocals…

That doesn’t really work for me. It would be so much easier if it did.

smooth headphones… guess you need to try the Denon 9200’s then, eh?

Way out of my price range! I am thinking that I am pretty happy right now. The only 'phones on my radar at all are the moderately priced Apos Caspians and iBasso SR2’s. Even better if they were used.

Thats really not going to work out that well either…even in a particular genre or type of music the recording quality is all over the map, even on an album from song to song…

So be careful with your choices of recordings when doing your analysis…

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