Digipak.... Avoid, or doesnt matter?

So from my understanding, digipack is just when the packaging is the plastic tray that holds the disc, and at least one cardboard flap that wraps around from the back over the front… I wanna say I have seen exactly one of these in my 25 years. Can anyone say if there is some particular reason to avoid this kinda packaging?

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I can’t think of any really. I know I have way more than a few like this, and I’ve never had any sort of problem with them.

Thats about what I thought… I just wasnt sure if there was some reason that they seem to be avoided, or if (a rather small minority) claims that they are significantly more prone to damage had any kinda reasonable validity behind them… Just wanted to be certain.

I have a lot of Digipaks. They’re fine.

Maybe harder or impossible to fit some digipaks in “CD racks”. That’s probably why some say “more prone to damage” lol.

If the hole is too small, you’ll just do damage… :eyes:

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I own a few digipacks and they are inevitably gonna get stratched unlike jewel case. Expecially if you pile up your Cds in a stack fashion. I also own those kind of double Cds cardboard limited edition and if you are a collector freak those are inevitably gonna get slightly scratched (the package of course, not the cd itself). So if you have the option I reccomend to go with jewel case when able to. Definitely more durable and reliable.

I have a digipack case. It is custom made by a small artist that I like supporting, and it is made out of paperboard/cardboard. It is kind of cool, a collector’s item in a way, although it may not be very durable, which is why I am super careful with it. Personally I think it may prevent the CD from getting scratched due to the added padding.

I always take the CD out and put it in a paper sleave and in with my other cd’s. I throw the packaging away. so a digipak would be wasted on me. I always like a CD that is like a record. Just a cardboard envelope with the CD inside and album art on the cardboard cover. less waste that way

digipacks are fine, a3 digipacks are the spawn of satan and a royal pain in the ass to store in shelves…

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I like digipak, it avoids the weak hinge issue of conventional newer boxes and uses less plastic. However simple card sleeves use even less plastic and work fine. And use less space. Most of the CDs I have bought in recent years have been classical sets where the standard now is pretty much card sleeves within the box. Saves space, saves plastic and works, and you can still enjoy cover art.