Dirac Live Active Room Treatment

Dirac Live has introduced a Active Room Treatment software that uses the surround sound speakers in your room to cancel out unwanted sounds and reflections in the room that come from the speakers that are actively playing. The best way to think about this is noise cancelling headphones but your speakers instead. The system apparently will negate the need to treat the room with things like acoustic diffusers, absorbers and bass traps. the first Processor to get this technology will be the $24,000 StormAudio ISP MK2 and MK3. If this system works in the way that they say it will, it will be a total game changer I think it will mean people will need to completely rethink how they set up a home theater stuff like full range speakers 20hz -20khz all the way around and 4 subs in each corner of the room and tons of amplifier power will become very reinvent and important.

Dont know about game changes part.
Probably following the foot steps Trinnov started like 10 years ago and mastered it.
They marketing and being in the Immersive Audio solution and TRINNOV OPTIMIZER is very very good.

They started also in the +20K series back then and had Dolby along the ride.
Today they handle all Dolby Atmos-, Auro-3D- ja DTS: X Pro.
More info at https://www.trinnov.com/

Trinnov’s 3d mic correction is totally different, Dirac’s active room correction uses active noise cancelling from the speakers in the room that aren’t playing to cancel out things like early reflection and standing bass waves and nulls in the room, this goes far beyond getting a good calibration and EQ automatically. It’s hard to express how huge this would be if it works as advertised, it will eliminate the need for room treatment’s.

“The name was chosen to reflect the fact that the software doesn’t just correct the room, but optimises the entire system.” They started the thing like 20 years ago, page info. They know what they doing.

Just nit picking but "Dirac’s active room " would mean it does it constantly but i hardly think the microphone is used actively and constantly. Measurement, save, apply settings = done.

Even Genelec GLM measureses the room and location, timing and everything.
To the point of Immerse Audio levels. :wink:
These systems kinda do the same thing with different names little bit differently.
Still dont think its a game changer compared to other ones. Different amps&processors from different manufactures with different measurement software that does things little bit differently.
Competition is good.