Discussion thread for ZiiGaat Cinocotres. Let's not forget the reference sound

Professional Studio-Tuned IEM with 2 Dynamic Drivers and 3 Balanced Armatures.

ZiiGaat Cinocotres introduces groundbreaking Isobaric Dynamic Driver Subwoofers with 2 separate 10mm polymer diaphragm drivers, offering enhanced sub-bass frequencies and tactile quality. The studio-tuned design focuses on a precise sub-bass shelf at 300Hz, eliminating mid-bass bloat and providing a clean, neutral midrange tonality. With a specific treble peak at 3kHz for ear curvature compensation, the sound signature maximizes instrument and vocal clarity. Utilizing Sonion and Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers in a 3-way crossover, Cinocotres ensures optimal tonal balance for professional studio and stage use, catering to musicians, engineers, and audiophiles.

Isobaric Dynamic Driver Subwoofers: Latest IEM design with 2DD subwoofers featuring 10mm polymer diaphragms in an isobaric configuration for enhanced sub-bass frequencies and tactile quality.

Studio Tuning Precision: Professional studio monitor tuning with a focused sub-bass shelf at 300Hz, delivering impactful and precise bass, clean and neutral midrange, and natural treble peaks at 3kHz. Ideal for musicians, engineers, and audiophiles seeking accuracy.

Balanced Armature Excellence: Incorporating the latest Sonion 26A05 dual BA driver and Knowles 33518 super tweeter in a 3-way crossover with the 2DD sub-woofer system, achieving optimal tonal balance and technical performance for studio and stage applications.

Immersive Sound Experience: Enjoy an immersive audio experience with the Cinocotres, combining innovative subwoofer technology, studio-grade tuning, and advanced balanced armature drivers for a rich, detailed, and accurate interpretation of music.


ZiiGaat Cinocotres

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Beautiful … :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hype 2’s little brother, or maybe better :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m hoping…

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just calling this out here, I think the name Cinocotres is a marketing typo cause the shells say cincotres which makes more sense in the context of the doscincos


I fixed it, but I think there is no room for more letters on the shell, or Linsoul don’t know what they’re selling :joy:


BTW, Does anyone know who is behind the name ZiiGaat. Maybe Thae is watching over the fence :wink:?

Space issue is possible although if it really was a space issue it seems odd to drop the one letter that seems out of place

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From Ziigaat’s website:

The name ZiiGaat originates from our core values: Zero in on Ideas, Innovate, Grow and Achieve All Together.


BLON vibes

Oppoty Nevergiveup! :muscle:


Looks like a fun iEM but nothing “studio” about the tuning,imo


On my first listen, I’m gonna have to lean towards this