Disortion in games

When browsing its fine or watching video’s or when listing to tidal hifi.

am using a SMSL SP200 THX AAA 888 when put the amp in low gane is gone or high gain lower then 60%.

Any advice?

Are you using a DAC or going straight from PC line out to SP200?

do you use usb or 3.5mm to hook your smsl sp200 up to your pc?

edit: and it happens at higher volumes on all games?

Yes am using the dx3 pro in dac only mode and going from that to my pc with usb cables. Rca are from dx3 are connected to the smsl amp

Note sure if it happens on all games only treid 2 games which are the main games i currently play.

Ok. I have 2 thoughts:

  1. perhaps a driver issue. Are you using the Windows driver or Topping’s driver? Try the one you’re not using and see what happens.

  2. It used to be (like back in mid 2000s when XP and Soundblaster played together well) that if a game was set to output 5.1 channel sound and then the sound device had to downmix it to stereo some distortion would be introduced. I noticed this on late night Doom 3 sessions circa 2004. I had a Soundblaster 5.1 soundcard running to a 5.1 speaker setup but had to use headphones at night. If I didn’t change the game’s sound settings to stereo the sounds of the demons teleporting in and rocket explosions would be really distorted. This could be a moot point in 2020, though.

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I can only use the current one selected otherwise i have no sound. The default windows is not connected.

“drivers and firmware are up-to-date aswell”

I don’t think the other devices being disabled is causing your problem (but computers are weird sometimes). When you initially plugged in your Topping did you install any additional software or did you just let Windows recognize it and go from there? If you just let Windows handle it then you can go to Topping’s web page and look for a driver to try.

I do use APO Equalizer for a small bass boost. but is doesnt matter if i turn it off.

Quick question, what’s the sampling rate set to? A lot of games have issues over 48khz.

24 bit 48000hz