DIY audio rack made from open frame server rack

I am looking to replace an unused dresser in my room with an equipment rack for my hifi gear.
Due to the specific issues concerning the dimensions of my room, this rack can only be 30 inches wide, I’ve found a few that fit my needs but they are aggressively expensive and non modular.

I was thinking is it possible to find a 30 deep open frame rack and repurpose it for hifi.

If I get the right size wood shelves and fasten 1U brackets to it do you think the server rack will hold it securely?

I’m not sure what you mean by modular…but take a look at’s options. width is generally a set specific, but there are several models with adjustable depth. and if you get an open frame rack, you can put in a number of different types of shelving options.

I sell these things as part of my living, so I’m pretty familiar with them. feel free to ask questions or provide more details / clarity as to what you need and what limitations you face / have. :slight_smile:


A server rack, yes. A network rack, maybe/no.

StarTech and Rosewill are the cheapest options I would strill trust to not fall apart.

I was looking at star tech actually
My concern are the shelves. I know they can support the weight of the equipment I want but am worried about vibration. Fashioning a wooden shelf from L brackets with seems like a good option

vibration is actually a concern / issue…so you can buy feet or suspension systems to dampen them at the ground level.

Good to know
I’ve been considering just building the shelf out of live edge wood from home depot and metal pipes. But the cost is equal to buying one pre designed it seems

building one out of hard wood would be a good idea…it’s strong and due to density, has excellent vibration dampening ability. you would also customize it to exactly what you needed.

Plus the live edge wood you can order from home hardware is 2 inches thick

not to mention that it would make for a unique piece of furniture that could have really nice resale value if / when the time comes it’s no longer suitable for your needs. :wink:

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Very early mock up.