DIY Earbuds rabbit hole

Some how I ended up down another rabbit hole. To keep a long story short if you’re in the IEM space i’m sure you’ve noticed current trend of collabs with some well known people in the space like Crinacle and our very own HBB.

Well I thought it would be kind of fun building and tuning my very own audio gear from scratch. I found myself on Aliexpress and ended up ordering a bunch of custom earbud parts. I choose earbuds over IEMs just because if anyone else wanted to build their own the process is much more simple.

Here are some of the pictures of the end result and build process

For those of you interested in the specs its a metal open back shell with MMCX connectors that’s mated to a 15.4mm beryllium driver. I’m currently waiting on the tuning foam to come in so I can fine tune the sound.

If I had to describe how they sound in their current state I would describe it as almost a open back Sennhesier. I’m going to tinker around with it some more and try some different shells and drivers.



It would be cool to get some measurements.

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