DIY Headphone Amplifier

Have any one of you tried to build their own headphone amplifier? Currently making my own amp right now. How do you protect your circuit for power and on/off cycles?

Normally you have a relay switch for power on cycles, not sure on designs outside of the use of relays.

It depends on the circuit. Generally speaking you shouldn’t have to worry about this too much. Inrush current or big turn on voltage spikes are usually the big issue, but you can always just toss in a high wattage resistor after the rectifier to limit inrush current.

What I think Mufflertape is referring to with the relays is a headphone protection relay and not a circuit protection. Sometimes when you turn on the circuit, it might make a loud pop in your headphones if you have them plugged in. A relay would give the amp a chance to turn on before passing signal to your headphones.