DIY/Mod Question: Bose 700 Headphones


Thanks in advance to anyone able to help. I’ve got an unusual problem to solve, there’s a bluetooth hacker in my neighborhood. Several neighbors have banded together but we can’t find him. He can operate our Bose 700 around the ear headphones (US) remotely even when they’re used with a wire. Using them with a wire is supposed to turn Bluetooth off but apparently not.

In the meantime, two of us would like to install a hard switch between the BT antenna and the BT chip or SOC. Can you tell me where that antenna is located? We disassembled a pair, looked for the long wavy or folded traces on the circuit boards but couldn’t find 'em. We’ve got basic soldering skills and we don’t care what this looks like when we’re done as long as it works. Our headphones are out of warranty for a couple of years now.

Do you have some pictures?