Do bluetooth headphones lose battery when plugged in?

I will buy my first bluetooth headphone soon but I am planning to mostly use it with my desktop, and I was wondering if the battery will drain at all while using the 3.5mm.

I assume with “loosing battery”, you mean it loosing charge.

Depends. On Active cancelling headphones, you would have to consult the manual.
I recommend charging them up every month, else the battery might die.

In the case of my QC35II, you can plug them while switched on and off. When on it will use the DSP and therefore will loose charge but it will last almost double than when using Bluetooth, in this case around 40 hours. If you switch them of and used them plugged they will work like any other passive headphone, but the sound won’t be as good.

Isn’t the quality in any headphone better when plugged in?

Yeah, that’s what I mean. Will they also work when bluetooth is turned off like any other wired headphone?

Again in the case of the Bose, when you plug in the 2,5 mm the Bluetooth shuts off, but there are other electronics working in the headphones, the DSP, kind of an equaliser, adapts the sound to the possibilities of the driver so you don’t get distortion. That changes the original sound making it agreable, sort of cheating. If you switch off the headphones this DSP will be off, won’t use any battery but the sound will be worse because the driver might not be able to reproduce the original sound in a true way. It is designed like that, and the only benefit you get using it wired is a longer battery life. Hope I explained myself, English is not my first language. See it anyone else can give us his/her 5 cents.

If your not using the bluetooth, anc, dac, and/or amp built into the bluetooth headphones, you will not “lose” any battery life. The only battery charge you’ll be “losing” will be from is the natural battery dis-charge. You wanna keep your lithium ion battery charge between 30%-80% to have the most life from them.


No not with Bluetooth tmgear they generally sound worse plugged in as everything generally in a Bluetooth headphone is designed to sound good with very specific gear within it. One of the most infamous cases of this is the Sony xm3