Do I need a second DAC to have 3 amps plugged in/ Help me choose a DAC

So my current setup is a Liquid Spark Amp and a Fosi Audio speaker amp (I needed something cheap, it has one RCA for input if that’s something to know) plugged with splitters into an iFi Zen Dac - this way I can switch between them by turning one on and the other one off, depending on whether I want to use headphones or speakers. But I want to buy a hybrid tube amp (specifically xduoo MT 602 cause it’s cheap and apparently sounds tube-ish).

Do I need another DAC to have all of these things plugged in and be able to switch between them by just switching one on and turning off the other ones? I’m presuming adding a splitter to a splitter is too much and my iFi Zen Dac only has one RCA in. So if that’s the case, what DAC do you recommend under 150$? Is something like the topping e30 enough? Maybe there’s a DAC in that price range that has 2 RCA inputs for some reason? Any help is appreciated :smiley:

If you want to stick with your zen dac, you could just buy an rca switcher, one in - 3 or more out. You are correct that you don’t really want to split more than twice. You could get another dac, but if you currently like the zen dac, I’m not sure if it would be worthwhile to grab another budget dac


I personally wouldn’t recommend something like that, as that’s just a 4 way splitter, that’s really risking noticable quality loss, imo you really want a switch (at least I’m pretty sure that’s a splitter, it looks mislabeled in the listing, if it’s a switch it’s fine, but it looks like a splitter to me)

yeah i just noticed that.

edit: it wasn’t lol label misleading, was a splitter.

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but yeah, i was think an rca switch box would work as well vs buying a new dac.

forgot to mention I don’t live in the US, but it doesn’t matter since I found this exact thing (SOLUPEAK U31) on AliExpress and I can wait, since I’m gonna have to wait for the xduoo as well. So if that thing is fine for that purpose then I think that’s problem solved.

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I guess another alternative to the switch would be to buy a 4.4mm male to rca cable to convert the balanced line out of the ifi to single ended, which would also work, although it’s a bit less desirable, and it also would only be a solution for the zen dac, and wouldn’t work for higher end dacs in the future if he decides to upgrade later on


yeah I’ll probably want to upgrade in the future so the splitter box seems like a better solution


If you find a super good splitter box, let us know. I myself have been thinking of getting the same hybrid tube amp as you. So if i did I would find myself in the same situation as you. save different cheap dac.


If ever you guys need to upgrade in order to keep up with higher end gear, the good fellows at Mapletree audio out of Canada will make you a switch box to handle your needs.