Do I need an amp?

So I’ve been absorbing a lot of information learning about audio and audio products in the last week. I have Beyerdynamic COP Custom One Pro Plus headphones, and have a pair of Tin T2’s on the way. They’re both 16ohm headphones, so I know they don’t NEED an amp, but they might benefit a little right? Would buying one be a waste of time? I was thinking of either a Fiio Q1 mkII or an earstudio ES100, and I’m not sure whether to commit to either of them.

With a dac you benifiz a little bit more of all.
You only heard it at home or when you go out?

When is for going out too, take a look on the Audioquest Dragonfly.
Your Smartphone can not give the Power who need your Headphone for run good and the Soundchip from the Smartphone is not the best.
The gives some good things for a good Work and price to.
The ify for example is not Bad probably too expensiv.
So take a look for portable solution.
When you find one try a test with a portable dac and without you heard the difference fast.

I don’t think you need one rather your setup would.benefit from one slightly.


Yeah, I don’t have a “home” set up per se, the only space for an amp is my pocket XD
I was thinking those two amps because they’re portable and they’re both on Canadian Amazon for $100 (fiio Q1 mk2) and $130 (ES100). The other part was maybe future proofing for some higher impedance headphones.

Yeah, the audioquest dragonfly is $360 CAD there. I don’t have that kind of money :stuck_out_tongue:
I didn’t see anything portable from ifi on there either :frowning:

I agree with RiceGuru, you don’t need it, but you would definitely benefit from it. Also if you plan on upgrading IEMS/headphones in the future, you most likely will eventually need it. It definitely opens up more avenues of possible upgrades that would be available to you in the future.

well if you want something now o power what you have currently and other IEMS the fiio q1 MK 2 is excellent but if you need bluetooth the fiio btr5 should become available soon here as well as the btr3 taking a hit priing wise and is at a ll time low in canada. I personally usea combination of a btr1k and a fiio q1 mk 2. fir my portable setup.the fiio m7 is alsoon sale right now for $200

How do you like the Fiio Q1 MK 2? I’ve been close to buying one for a while now.

I enjoy it provides and ample amount of power for my IEMs and some of my headphones. and some nice features like a bass boost and balanced outputs. doesnt have enough power to really push my 990 or 4xx though

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Thanks for the input. I think I’m going to buy just for IEMs and my workplace pair of CALs

Thanks everybody, you’ve been an awesome help, and thanks Riceguru for pointing out deals! I’m probably gonna settle on the Q1 mk2 and go from there