Do I need new AMP/DAC for my DT 990 Pro 250 Ω ? (video in description)

Do I need new DAC/AMP combo for my new Beyer DT 990 Pro 250 Ω if right now I have loud sound more than enough

This is how loud it goes with my current setup

Well, if it gets loud enough for you, you don’t need one, but there could always be a quality improvement with an external dac/amp


If it’s clean and loud enough your all good bud

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When it sounds good to you, no need to upgrade anything.
Maybe you could get a passive volume control in line to prevent windows audio settings from murdering you.

Thank you for answer.

It can be ultra loud if I want. Sound is also crystal clear. There is no background noise or distortion. Nothing.
I can see that some external AMPs have problem with noise.
What quality improvements can I expect? Can it get more clarity from my DT 990 Pro even if it is loud and clear now without any interference.
Which part of new amplifier/dac combo should be responsible making sound additionally clear if that is possible after all?

So you could get more detail, and better speed and impact too with a better amp, could also improve separation and imaging as well as soundstage from an external dac/amp setup. Both a better dac and amp would increase the quality of these headphones. That being said, if you have no complaints now, I would just be happy with what you have as the dac/amp setup would not be as large of an upgrade as a new pair of headphones tbh.