Do I *need* to use the HDMI output on my reciever for video?

Hey folks, I’m looking at setting up a surround system for my PC so I can finally put all the extra pairs of speakers I’ve accumulated over the years to good use. The problem is, my primary display for this PC (and the display that movies get watched on) is a 144hz 1440p monitor that can only supports DisplayPort, which no receivers really support and the adapters I’ve seen cap out at 1080p60.

So, the question: can I plug in my PC’s HDMI-out into the receiver for just the audio while using the DisplayPort from my graphics card to push the video? I’m sure this is a common sense question for some of y’all but I do want to be sure before I drop the cash on a receiver.

I dont see why not if you just mirror displays. Or make it it’s own thing making it seem like you have multiple displays.

Well you can use any output and audio signal that supports (5.1 or more) for surround -> send it to receiver.

Computer controls the image (where to send it) so it’s up to you where picture is shown (extended) and sure, you can feed audio and video (if needed) to receiver with HDMI.

Receiver should have eARC/ARC at least.
Was just wondering… was there some other limitation… Have to check.

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Ah, I figured as much. The reason I ask is because nowhere I have looked has made it clear (to me, not the sharpest tool in the shed) as to whether or not the receiver also needed to be handling the video out, and I’ve only ever seen setups where the user was using the passthrough from their receiver for their display. I suppose it’s a rather silly question in retrospect, thank you for your patient answer.

Short answer is yes, you can send audio only to a receiver. I use a 4K bluray player and have a receiver that is not 4K compatible. I send video from the player straight to my display, and digital audio only to the receiver. Works perfectly.

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