Do you EQ if so way do you feel the need to?

  • No never EQ
  • Yes I EQ
  • EQ curious

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I only EQ on very bass heavy or electronic songs I listen to.

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I have eq’d at times to see what a headphone needs to improve it or a sound in a headphone that I am chasing for the purpose of endgame. from that point on then no.

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I used to but then I decided to rather get different headphones to cover the sound spectrum and then just change headphones based on the music.

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i used to eq when i drove headphones off of motherboard audio. i feel like once i got a “real” headphone, eq is not needed.

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I used to use Equalizer APO a lot. It helped me learn the frequency ranges where my hearing is a problem - or at least its match to headphones is a problem. But it’s a PITA. Every time Windows updates EAPO breaks.

I’ve discovered that filter “Rich 3” on my SU-8 and using my Darkvoice with certain tubes adds just enough bass to the DT880 to make them even more enjoyable.

Which leads to my last point here… Many audiophiles do use EQ without realizing that’s what they’re doing. Tube rolling, pad rolling, op-amp switching, synergy seeking, etc. are all at least partially about seeking a desirable EQ curve. Yes, some of that is about changing spatial presentations and speed, but more/less of certain frequencies is often what we’re after when we roll pads, roll tubes, or seek warm amps over analytical amps or vice versa.


I pretty much only eq for working with sound, mainly just to make things more neutral for studio work, but even then it’s only a few headphones that I actually eq for. For casual listening I’m too lazy to eq, and don’t really feel the need lol

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Aye way too much time wasted fiddling and not enjoying the music.

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i almost brought that up myself and completely agree. tube rolling ect can be a form of equing. howver in the case of tubes anyways, sometimes you also roll because they gave you a cheap as hell tube with noise and you want a tube without noise. just saying :slightly_smiling_face:

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I EQ the shit out of incomming voice. Only range that gets through untouched is 100Hz to 10kHz. Hard cuts on 75Hz and 12kHz to avoid bad headset mics.

On my T50RP, I also temper the highs a bit.

When I started, I never EQ’d. I prefer a neutral profile in general, so I sought out headphones or IEMs that followed the Harman curve or were generally inoffensive. There weren’t many, though, so when I saw EQs offered online, I tried them out on my less-than-neutral phones, and they were definite improvements. So now I EQ every new item, and it is usually an improvement.