Do you ever think you may have a problem?

I’m currently testing some speakers, not all are for desk use. DIY speakers are CSS Criton TD1s and are amazing. The smallest ones are PMC DB1 Golds and the others are S400s. Yep, those are REL subs in stereo…


lol, that{s pretty hardcore dude

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The one time I chained multiple amps off a DAC so I can run earbuds under a pair of ksc 75s under a pair of he 4xx with speakers blaring I knew I had a problem


Don’t give me ideas… I have a D90 and an Ares II in the other room!

Nothing that can’t be solved by a bigger desk.


Yes, I absolutely have a problem, not enough funds many more wants and desires than i can support😬 You have a problem too and it has led to a nice combination of equipment. Enjoy it all, you worked for it! Happy listening, you could be blowing it in one of a million different ways, we all agree with your problem here on this forum!


Other than audio? Yes, most definitely a Yes.
Not really with audio. I’m pretty solid at the moment.

Could say hoped much more HC setup. :grin:

I think I have many problems multiple times a day lol


Much to my wife’s chagrin, I have serious issues. BLON BL-03s and 05s, Darkvoice tube amp. Started with Sennheiser HD650s and a Zen DAC. Got a balanced cable for the 650s coming today actually. I forgot, ThieAudio Legacy 3s. LOL


Sweet setup…love that desk too

It does become an obsession. I promised (promised!) myself that I would not buy anything all summer. Just spend the summer assessing my gear and pick winners and losers.

But I couldn’t do it. I am so weak…
At least I compromised and bought some pretty affordable ones. That’s progress right? Kind of…Sort of…


The only problem I see is not enough space to actually position those gems.


Yes i have a problem dammit! But music is one of the great pleasures of life. Its either this or Black Angus. My waistline cant take much more Black Angus

Personally I prefer BJ’s. But to each their own.