Do you guys ever notice how unique every country plays instruments differently?

I was listening to Attention by Kyotarou & Rikuo and noticced how the syncapation as well as overall timbre sounded so different from a japanese bassist to a north american one. there seems to be a bit more emphasis on the brighter notes leading to overall brighter timbre and the notes used. I don’t know how to put it but all together makes it sound extremely japanese compared to a bass centered western band like tool. sure it could be because yes they are 2 very different bands but japan themselves I find to have a pretty distinct sound in their music that even without words when you become familiar to it it becomes easy to tell. with japanese music specifically I find them to be brighter sounding tracks but more reserved than they’re western counterparts.

Adamneely explains this phenomenon more

what other countries do you guys think has a pretty unique style regardless of what genre it is and once you hear it you can typically pinpoint on where it’s from?

Touareg Rock uses Electric Guitars in a very unique manner. Absolutely Love Tinariwen

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“If it sounds familiar, it’s not…”