Do you know how much Tesla drivers cost from beyerdynamic?

I figured I’d ask here first since beyerdynamic can take days to answer a question but has anyone ever inquired or know of the cost for a pair of tesla drivers? 250 ohm or 600 ohm versions. I have plans to swap a pair of tesla drivers into the housing of my old dt880 cans that died.

I know the dt880 drivers go for around $60 bucks so I was wondering if the tesla driver would be similiar or double.

You can always email, but I’d suggest a call to BeyerDynamic. I was able to speak to a tech and was provided a quote on a single driver over the phone. You might be able to get info on a specific one.

Not sure which model you are looking for but this T90 is on the site that might be available.

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Oh I never thought to call them. I sent an e-mail with some questions so hopefully I hear back soon.

I asked about amiron home drivers, t1.2 drivers and whether or not the dt1990 drivers and amiron home drivers are interchangeable since they are both 250 ohm tesla drivers. I believe I’ve read on some forum that swapping dt1990 drivers and amiron home drivers result in different sound so maybe not same drivers or just tuned differently.

I’m mostly looking to make a Frankenstein pair of Beyerdynamics to see what I can get out of a mix of parts. I read of someone swapping dt1990 drivers into their dt880 shell and it peaked my curiousity.

$302.83 plus shipping for a pair of t1.2 drivers

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Oh that’s pricey. Thank you!

Yeah I want a pair of t1.2s with a full open enclosure from the 990.

Same. I want to swap the drivers into the 880 and 990’s to see which one sounds better with different tesla drivers. Will be swapping my amiron home drivers into my 880 soon to see how those sound.

it kinda blows my mind that there isn’t any info about the swaps out there.

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Seriously, it confused me when I was searching for results. I can understand people enjoying stock tuning from beyerdynamics but with all these years, I’d think someone would have started ripping them apart and making some forum post about it.

Only been able to find one forum mentioning how they put dt1990 drivers into their 880 shells and they said it sounded refined and a step up from the original drivers. Now I just really want to know how that really sounds and if they can be modded with tygr filters and different pads to tune for something agreeable for the ears.