Do you lose your wireless earbuds?

I’d be terribly afraid of one falling out of my ear canal and losing it, especially in today’s weather with all the snow on the ground, it could sink into the snow and not leave a trace where it hit and went down.

is this fear justified?


Lol yeah, I already panic if the tip pops off of my wired earbuds and I can’t find it lol, loosing an entire side I would really freak out

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As someone who is useless as a human without glasses, when I do anything near deep water, I put a safety strap on my glasses.
So maybe that works arround this fear?

i don’t have any, but i can’t imagine how scary it would be. considering how ridiculously pricey those things get too.

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Well similarly, I keep washing my sons wireless. Leaves them in the pants pocket. We get him the refurb’d jabra 65T. We get 2 to 3 washes before they fail. Funny thing is we can wash the actual headphone more than 3 times but the charging box can only take 3 max. And the dumb box box costs more than a full refurb’d set so that’s what we end up getting. Jabra needs to cross market with Maytag.