Do you prefer Tubes?

If you are a fanatic for tube devices, this is for you…


Who thought of this lol. Also if you like tubes I will assume you will get a nixie clock as well if you are willing to pick this up. Also does it actually heat the tubes?


Those clocks are awesome! Never seen them before, might actually buy one.

My main living room electronics actually use nixies as the display for input and volume, fucking sick. Nixies are pretty awesome but lik tubes they are getting hard to find and modern ones are either not good or very expensive


Depends on the nixie, I have a bunch of them in a box, the drivers are getting kind of harder to find, but they aren’t silly expensive yet.

IN-18s are getting up there, and as you said the drivers are getting pricy to where it gets more than people want to spend

These are awesome haha

I’d have to roll em in that night light. not sure the stock ones are for me!