Do you use IEM's when sleeping?

Just curious if y’all use your IEM’s when sleeping, and which specifically?
I use my Blon 03’s, but they’re not comfortable enough to side sleep with.

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Yes, and the best I’ve found thus far for comfort if you’re a side sleeper like me are KZ ZS10 Pro, Cayin YB04, Guideray GRi, and Meze Rai Penta.

Every night I do haha. I used to Galaxy Buds+ but I kept freaking out because I always thought I lost one when I woke up. Now I use the Dunu DK2001. It’s super small and very comfy even when laying on my sides

Interesting how you use different IEMs for sleeping. Do you think that eartips matter even more than they usually do, when sleeping?

Most nights.
Most comfy for side sleeping are the P1’s or the L3’s (YBF’s aren’t bad either) but been using the L4’s lately which are ok but not quite as comfy as the L3.
Have even used the S8F’s at a push but I do have a super soft pillow though.

Yes, I currently use my Final A4000 and the HZsound Heart mirror. Both are super comfy for bedtime use as they’re the perfect flat form factor for sleeping. :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, is there any negative effects of using IEMs over night? I could definitely see myself getting a pair of customs for this purpose eventually.

I do sleep with galaxy buds (or rather with just one bud) but most nights it falls off and I end up laying on it with my arm or something else and my skin doesn’t seem to like it lol.

I can sleep with any of my headphones on me (I have literally napped with grados on). For side bed playing I need foam tips as the comply comfort feel so much easier

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Been following this thread since it started. Very interested in peoples suggestions as I struggle sleeping and IEM’s have helped a lot but side-sleeping is still an issue for me.

Galaxy buds + which I daily at work are waaay too big for side sleeping so I’ve been trying Shure SE215’s which are certainly better but still leave ears a bit sore sometimes when on my side. T2’s coming in march hopefully they sit flush too. I prefer over ear at my desk so I’m trying to avoid breaking my wallet too bad for sleepers :slight_smile:

I usually fall asleep with AirPods Pro. Foam tips, and that glorious ANC.

They may not look like it, but Ikko OH1’s are a nice snug fit; almost like a custom IEM fit. You can also try the Advanced Model 3, but they share similar design elements as your Shure’s. Both can be found on Amazon.

Yes I do use my IEMs to sleep and I usually play the rain sounds track from YouTube to even help me more, to let go of many thoughts in my mind and to ease up. I have no problems sleeping with the BLONs, the Starfields and the T2s, while ZS10 Pros are not that exactly comfortable to sleep with it in my ears.

Not anything I know of.