Does anyone have those days where you question ur own intelligence?

As Ive just had one of these days after consulting the most helpfull person ever M0N about why my amplifier was running so bloody hot. Thinking that it was a class D and that they were meant to run cold,after being told that my amplifier was Class A and thats why it was running so fucking hot. :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:. Now I will say in my defence the back of the amp was very confusing as it had a big letter D on it and a big letter B on it and its class A yet no A anywhere. shrug

Anyway anyone else ever have these days? As I was totally gonna leave it on all night thinking it was Class D xD.

PS. M0N ur a hero u saved my electricity bill.


quarantine does some weird things to our minds lol

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I do all the time lol. Having OCD is a drag. It causes me to swing back and forth like a pendulum between deep thinking and shallow.


no, I am a god. however I doubt everyone else around me. except my wife, until she’s not around anymore, then it’s safe.


Bruh fucking all the time constantly.


Just about every 30 seconds man.

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too many times…

mostly involving figuring out what to buy… why do you think i keep asking what the fuck to buy because i dunno what would be the best when i’m pretty stressed about everything overall

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since i don’t have wife.
i can god every day without worries and just bring harsh justice to everyone.

But i do not question.
I have the knowledge and means how to find more info and have pretty high source criticism.
Forums,, youtube videos or even mighty M0N types wont change/crack my mind easy. I’ll look and find the yellow brick road between all information. But since i’m still on god level i’m right, most of the time. lol

Yeah sound and reproduced sound is far more complex than i had at first thought. I’m still learning. Just the other day i finally got the 3 blob thing. When i was younger i thought it was all beyond me. But now the frequency charts and the complexities therein are making more sense too. I think i might want to find some kind of work to do in audio.

Let me tell you about the greatest “question my own intelligence” Moment I ever had.

the following context is important. We have a water cooler in our kitchen. It used to be top loading. Now we have a bottom loading model. The top loading is important.

I was about 10 years ago and my dad and I were having a conversation and we noticed that the kinda cheaper green water bottles we feed into our water cooler had a tendency to collapse in on itself in weird ways due to the vacuum pressure and downward feed of the water. It didn’t disrupt function but it was unsightly. (these cheaper bottles were ostensibly huge ass versions of the water bottles you could buy at the corner store before corona virus made those places death traps, as opposed to rigid blue plastic ones we all know and love from basically any and all media involving water coolers)

so we decided that, if the pressure was causing the water bottle to collapse what we SHOULD DO is EQUALIZE THE PRESSURE FROM THE TOP. It’s a downward feeding system. So its not like a hole at the top should do anything right? WRONG!
Turns out that that vacuum in the bottle is what held the water IN THE BOTTLE before feeding into the water cooler’s catch/resevoir. When My dad grabbed a steak knife and punctured the top of the bottle it all started POURING out overflowing the catch and spilling onto the floor (this bottle was 85 percent full). So I put my finger over the hole to reestablish pressure and I’m standing there stuck because of it. SO THEN WE GET THE GENIUS IDEA THAT WE TAKE THE WHOLE WATER COOLER TO THE SINK AND DUMP THE BOTTLE. My dad unplugs the cooler ANd we drag the thing over. And in that moment, two men who are pretty smart and composed most of the time, are draggind a 100lb water cooler and 6 gallon bottle of water, that is partially leaking and sloshing over the floor of a kitchen to a sink screaming “WE ARE SO STUPID. WE ARE SO FUCKING STUPID”

Now we hadn’t forseen the second problem. It’s a downward feeding system. Which means the bottle’s top is facing downwards. And if we pull it up, we flood the kitchen. So we’re standing there, in a panic, I got my finger on the hole and we dont know what the fuck to do. Until, for some reason, some inner pro wrestler possessed my spirit and I grab the bottle’s neck and as quick as possible SWING THAT FUCKER UP AND OVER MY HEAD IN A HUGE ARK AND DUMP BOTTLE NECK DOWN INTO THE SINK AND IT WORKED AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I PULLED THAT SHIT OFF.

And at the same time, my mom comes home from grocery shopping. Sees the mess. Sees what we did. Sees how we solved the problem. Not like watching us, she put it all together in the span of 5 seconds, gives us the most flat, dead eyed stare you can possibly imagine and says “You’re both fucking morons” walks through the chaos and leaves us to clean up.

And that was the greatest “question my own intelligence” moment ever


That’s hilarious! And more often lately. Think the extra isolation is dulling our brains! Thank goodness for music and this site! :grin:

Just had a “how stupid can one be?”-experience.

I set up a simple NAS (BananaPi with SSD, nothing fancy, completly silent) a while ago (>110 days). After setting up the network connection by connecting screen and keyboard, I took to SSH and webGUI.
As one does, I also ran sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, which threw some errors but :man_shrugging: how bad can it be, right?

Jump to present:
Well… I just spent another few hours trying to troubleshoot a network problem. During which I tried to ping which threw “error: unkown host”.
So network hickup aside, why do I get unknown host?
Checks pinging a local IP, works.
Pinging IP or address from my computer, also works.
Another 30 minutes of trying various things including two reboots.

Turns out past me never configured a DNS on the darn thing. :expressionless:
In case you are wondering, the command I did not run was echo "nameserver" | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf (could also do if you prefer Google DNS)

2 hours well spent, I would say… :man_facepalming:

Found the network problem

I replaced the cable between NAS and Router (which is an ISP shit-tier) with two different known-good cables.
No difference.
Ran a cable through the whole house to plug the NAS into my switch, suddenly this:

Yes, I overlooked that the first few times aswell.
Turns out the Router can do Gigabit, but only Half-Duplex.


I’ve done that before lol

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Flashing the wrong firmware or OS on a switch making it a router has happened, locking myself out of hardware having to do the screwdriver to contact reset jumper, run bad cable or end up with three open ends and two sockets…
But damn missing DNS entry gets me.


Stupid question… I have Century Link and our community HoA is stuck with a contract to it. Needless to say recently I’ve been getting intermittent connectivity issues though my wifi. All our streaming devices work find but a browser on a laptop will routinely get failed connection / timeout issues when cruising the web.

The neighborhood’s solution is to use a custom DNS of on our router settings instead of the Century Link Default. Not knowing much about security protocol and DNS setting should I be concerned about using the public DNS settings? Am I at higher risk for credit card or identity theft using a public DNS on my home network?

All fine.
There are various public DNS to pick from, some options:

Provide Address
Digital Courage

The DNS is essentially a phone book for your computer. At most, there are privacy concerns as the DNS provider sees every single website you want to open (as in: knows which addresses your computer looked up).

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So using there is no greater risk of my home network being hacked and getting my identity or credit stolen because I’m using a public DNS or “phone book”?

Do you have privacy concerns about giving google everything? I guess most of us have a gmail account, use google as a search engine, and now use them as a phone books so they can basically triangulate everything you do online. I have nothing to hide but not sure what to think about just giving them everything…

Using your ISP’s DNS or any other does not change anything in that regard.

Yes. Which is why I have an Account for important Email and use the DigitalCourage DNS (with CloudFlare DNS as backup).

Do you close the bathroom door even when you are home alone?
See, you got something to hide.


I do not close the bathroom door when home alone

This recent discussion reminds me of something I saw over on Ars Technica. I think it was referred to as “The IT Poem” or something similar.

It can’t possibly be DNS
It’s never DNS
It was DNS

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