Does anyone here have the KLH 3's?

what made you buy them?

what DAC n amp are powering them?

no KLH love here, eh? :frowning:

I have been very tempted by KLH’s line, but I already have too many speakers as it is.

which one’s? the 5? 3? or Albany II?

personally I’m interested in the 3’s.

The 5 have my interest the most, admittedly I don’t know anything about the Albany II. Gonna have to do some research, I suppose!

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they were crossed off my list as they’re ported bass reflex and I’m quite interested in sealed acoustic suspension designs.

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the only thing that would be better than the 3, in my mind, would be a sealed acoustic suspension full range speaker. alas, those are rarer than hens teeth ad when you find them, impossible to afford.

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