Does anyone know of a good review for the Edifier R1700BT?

I’ve been trying to look around for a review of the damn things, but I can’t seem to find much. I’m not interested in charts, but a fair analysis on the product and sound quality.
I know Zeos has said he was going to review them, but that has yet to happen.

Here are some reviews although I can’t speak to the quality of them

There are also a decent amount of reviews on youtube

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The trick at that point is sifting through the bullshit to find the needle burred in a field of hay.

Yeah, doing some quick skimming on youtube showed that the most popular results were pretty bad reviews

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All the one’s I’ve tried to stomach where either bad, armatures who clearly didn’t understand the crap they where trying to spew, or both.

Well with a speaker like that I’m not surprised. It’s a good speaker imo, but it really seems like it’s ignored by prominent reviewers

Like I had mentioned before, Z claimed he was going to review it in his JBL 104 review (“I’m going to review those 1700BTs.” -Zeos @11:43)
The written reviews all claim that they are nice looking, great sound stage and imaging, crisp and clean highs, clear mids, rich and natural vocals, but loose and muddy bass that bleeds into the mids. One complained of a massive sub-bass roll off.

Well I wouldn’t expect there to be subbass on that speaker anyway (or most bookshelfs)

Agreed. I’m not expecting something to make the earth shake. Of course, these written reviews didn’t go into detail when it came to their description of the bass. Just that it was muddy and there was lots of bass that wasn’t great quality.

Muddy to me is the spectrum is being overwhemed by bass, making it sloppy and boomy.

Yeah, pretty much agree with that definition. Although it doesn’t have to be boosted bass to be muddy imo

Muddy makes me think of my HE350 with Brainwavz angled pleather pads and the sticker mod… I thought they where fine… Till I tried going back after listening to other headphones like my 4XX… Their fine with the focus-a pads, but those are the ones falling apart.

How does it compare the PB42X?

That is an excellent question of which I do not have an answer for.

So, he now reviewed these.

And I just found this.

Treble adjust:
image (1)

Bass adjust (…augh):
image (2)

Incredible for the price, I’d say. As long as you lower the treble and bass a bit.

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I saw he had recorded them… Was a little irritated as it was after I had already bought my iLoud Micros, but I will live.
Appreciate the graphs, but to be honest… I’m in the camp of not relying on them.

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Wanted to drop 2c on this… I grabbed the RB1700BTs for my home office desk setup back in June (I think?).

I have a decent mix of music and gaming and listen to a bit of everything from Opera to Metal to EDM. Absolutely loving them, having upgraded from some AudioEngine A5+ (gen 1) speakers.

My only issue was that the bass really didn’t grab me, they try but really don’t cut the mustard. So I grabbed an Emotiva SE8 sub and use the sub out on the BTs to run that, instantly everything sounds so much fuller. The sub-out line does a decent job of cutting off bass frequencies to the main driver and allowing the Emotiva to take over, I have the sub setup to take on frequencies around 90Hz and down. It does use a stereo 3.5mm as an output so I have that going to a split RCA, which the S8 then sums together.

I’ll also note that these things get LOUD. I was seriously surprised, they can really pump out the tunes without distorting the treble, muddying vocals, or getting shouty. This may be due to the sub taking over a lot of the bass and the main driver on the speakers being used more for vocals/mid-range.

For the price (delivered to Australia) I’m hard pressed not to get another setup just like this for my entertainment area.

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So I just got a pair of the 1700bts and I am planning to get the Dayton 1200 Subwoofer to go with it. As stated before the sub does a decent job at cutting off bass frequencies, but did anyone else with these speakers adjust the knobs after at all or just leave them at zero. Also, these speakers really sound sorta boomy and muddy to me would the sub fix this at all? It’s really giving me a lot of listening fatigue maybe I’m just not used to bass as I went from speakers from 2007 that came with my monitor to this, they had virtually no bass.

I don’t know if that’s the pairing I would have gone with, but if you’re experiencing too much from the speakers themselves, then you can turn down the bass knob to try to ease the sound into something you prefer. I probably would have gone with one of the Airmotiv subs from Emotiva, but that’s just me.

Yea I am on a pretty tight budget when it comes to getting a subwoofer under the 200 range.