Does anyone own Aune X1S and can help me?

Hey guys, complete noob here.
I’m worried about the amp of the Aune X1s (10th anniversary).
It drives my DT1990 very loud, so I’m happy with that.
I’m just wondering if the amp actually sounds good?
This is my first and only amp so far, so I don’t know anything else.
The experience so far is a little bit underwhelming and I would like to enhance the sound quality.
If I buy a JDS Labs Atom or SMSL SP200, would the music sound better?
For example better sound stage, dynamics, resolution etc?
I know that the DAC of the Aune X1s is great, because audiosciencereview reviewed it.
I’m just worried about the sound quality of the Aune X1s amp in comparison to other amps.