Does electrostatic headphones affect health

Hi All,
I’m thinking of buying the Warwick Bravura. I don’t have any experience with electrostatic headphones so I was wondering if the high voltage they work in (and the Bravura in an even higher voltage) pose any health risk if you wear them for hours each day?

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even the most demanding headphone doesnt use that much juice in the grand scheme of things using power. line repair guys would be having bad days often if being around high juice mattered.


In the scheme of things, 1kV (= 1000 V) is fairly low voltage.
Unless you hook your heart muscle up to the output of the amp, you are fine :wink:


hmmm…this might explain some things /me twitch twitch twitch snap SHOCK! :wink:

remember Batty? ‘price check on prune juice bob, price check on prune juice’.

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