Does IEM cable affect its impedance?

Using my fiio fh5
this cable i hear more hiss/crackling sound

i cant hear it on this cable tho(this is the default cable)

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Different cables will have different impedance, but it won’t make like a crackling sound, that just sounds like a broken cable (if the crackles are inconstant). Both are unbalanced correct? Do they crackle or make noise with movement?


The first cable is not broken im sure.yeah both unbalanced.the first cable make noise even without movement

Is it a constant hiss (also just to check what do you mean by crackling noises)

it is not constant hiss…it crackles every 1 seconds it is weird i cant describe it

Hmmm, perhaps clean the mmcx connectors and the 3.5mm, and see if anything changes

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i will try that

Typically if it’s crackling it’s a failing connector (is it in both or one ear?) or some sort of interference but that’s rare. There is also a chance that the default cable has a more secure and better fitting mmcx than the aftermarket cable

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I hear it on both channels.yeah i think it is because the mmcx connections.because the first one got lose connection, while the second got tight connection

I would say that would be it then

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It could be poor QC.
I have found Yinyoo cables on Aliexpress to have nice and secure connections. And they are very well priced too. You can get them with almost any connection type, balanced or unbalanced, and many different colors.

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I had a Tripowin c8 cable failure a month ago. One mmcx connector died suddenly. From all the cables I have it was the only bought at Amazon, so good luck.

  1. Yes, by a margin that is hard to accuratly messure.
  2. Crackling is mostly caused by bad connections or broken wire. In case of the connector being bad, degreasing the contact surfaces will definetly help.

Bad power filtering in the amp. Edit: Misread

Buffer problem or sample frequency mismatch. Either is software and hard to fix when the software does not present settings.

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If it makes you feel any better, I’ve gotten an IEM that I flipped out on cause it felt like I was periodically getting a small shock from when I first tried them.