Does my attempt at a 3.1 setup seem reasonable?

So I finally decided it’s time to ditch the cheap computer speakers, and HDMI switcher I have connected to my TV for a real setup. I’ve been doing a lot of research over the past week and I think I am happy with my potential setup. However, this is all based on self research, so I would would feel much more comfortable with some expert opinions.

My budget is a soft ~$1200, shipping and taxes included. I would consider going up to $1500 if there is something that will significantly increase the quality of my setup. I have a 1080P TV already, and 3.1 is the only realistic setup in my current living room setup. Primary usage is watching television/movies, but also a bit of gaming, and casual music listening. I plan to move within the next 12-18 months, so I’ll likely be making the jump to 4k and then getting into a 5.1/7.1 setup.

All the links are Amazon, just because I stuffed everything into a wishlist so I could keep track of it. I’ll likely search for better deals on individual parts if there are serious savings involved.

Receiver, Denon S950H (2019 refurb’d):

I believe I can get this with free shipping from accessories4less. The 2 outputs are important to me, because I have a dynamic LED setup around the edge of my TV. I can send the second receiver output to the device that translates to LED lighting and completely eliminate splitters from my setup in favor of the receiver.

Bookshelf Speakers, Fluance Signature:

Center, Fluance Singature:

I was also considering getting 3 of the Wavecrest HVL-1 for my L/R/C, but they appear to be currently sold out. The site does not seem like it is updated often, do they still even make these? Would it be worth the wait? I would say the speakers are the components I’m most unsure of, but I’m currently using 2.1 PC speakers, so I’m sure anything will sound better than that.

Sub, BIC F12:

Beyond that, I got all the wiring required (speaker wire, RCA for the sub, new premium highspeed HDMI cables), some velcro loops for cable management, and a new surge protector, comes to about $1,175 with shipping/tax if I just bought it all on Amazon.

Looking forward to your thoughts, thank you!

How big is your living room??? i would say spend the most on your speakers/sub and you might not really need a center speaker depending on your room size and listening positions. You could also get bomb ass speakers and skip the sub for now

I’m a fan of Emotiva loudspeakers.

Bookshelf -

Center -

Receiver and sub you chose are fine.

The newer b1+ is pretty dang sweet for the price, great speaker

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Love the sound that “folded ribbon tweeter”.

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AMT tweeters can be pretty sweet, and at this price to get one as well integrated as the emotiva is impressive imo. The space, smoothness and sweetness, and the detail that an amt can give is pretty unique

How big is your living room???

So I’m not exactly sure how to answer that. My apartment is setup so that the living room/kitchen are one floor. I have the TV mounted on one wall, and at the far end of the other room is the stove/oven. There’s also an open stairwell up to the second floor if that matters.

The room is ~16ft wide (the wall the TV is on) and about 25ft deep (from the TV wall to the oven wall). The primary viewing/listening area is the couch, so about 8 feet back from the TV/speakers when seated.

I’m a fan of Emotiva loudspeakers.

I’ll take a look into the Airmotivs, appears to still be within my budget. Thanks for the recommendations!