Does open back headphones benefit from surround sound software for movies?

I have an old Samsung HTiB which includes a 5.1 speaker. But being speakers, it gets pretty loud especially at nights when I watch movies. So, I need a good pair of headphones. I’ve read about open back headphones having like soundstage and imaging, which I think would be a good for movies. Then I also read about these spatial sound software like Dolby Atmos for Headphones, DTS Headphones X, HeSuVi, and a lot more.

My question now is, will an open back headphone benefit from these spacial sound software? Not in sound quality, but how sound should be perceived in a movie, it’s location, where it is coming from? Like will I appreciate the simulated surround sound because my headphone is an open back which has a wide soundstage and has imaging? Thanks!

Also, I have movies which have Dolby Atmos audio codecs, so I think Dolby Atmos for Headphones software can downmix that one to be applicable to stereo headphones.

SS in headphones is a gimmick and most system fail miserably. the rule of thumb is to get the best you can afford as good headphones, even having only 2 drivers, if they have good imaging, they will provide an effect that is very much like ss.


Sorry, but I didn’t mean SS headphones, but I was referring to using Stereo Open Back Headphones and then using surround sound software to create a spatial sound. Will open back headphones benefit from it?

no…as I said headphone ss tech is all rubbish…real or synthetic. they fail to deliver.

just get headphones with very good imaging.

I see. Can you recommend a good headphone with a good imaging?

what’s your budget?

Below $150

@Marzipan is right no software is going to help with imaging let the hardware do that [usually unless there’s some niche software im not aware of] some really cheap options would be KPH30i’s with Yaxi pads.

This is an on ear headphone but for movies it’s a lot of fun. Good imaging, fun bass character, mid range magic and not fatiguing treble. Overall a fun on ear and cheap.

I’m sure there are plenty of other options this might be one of the cheapest

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X2HR, maybe HE400se if your gear can drive it…

@Thotstomp is right though, KPH30i’s are the most fun for the least amount of money. Also I think owning at least one set at some point in one’s life is required to remain on the forum… :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed. Any “surround” software I’ve ever used makes it sound like the sound is coming out of a toilet.

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