Dom Q’s spot (Recap of CanJam NYC and other things)

Ohhhhhh, brother, I am well versed in Mr Goransson’s absolutely breathtaking score from Oppenheimer. I actually used to have Can You Hear The Music in my test playlist but took it out because I could never recreate the experience I had seeing that masterpiece in IMAX on opening day… the floor, seats, and walls were literally SHAKING from the Sub bass and it was mind-blowing.

I appreciate you bringing me back though, I haven’t heard this song in months… still unbelievable.


Haha, yeh I was in the front row at imax for that, my entire peripheral vision was taken up by the screen. There were moments where I lost my bearings and thought I was floating. Along with the seats shaking, it was quite a trippy experience. To be able to feel and hear a deep digging growl, yet have the rest of the frequency spectrum come through so clearly and electrify the atmosphere in the room is incredible. I emailed them once asking for the FR of the room but they held those cards close to their chest but did let me know it was EQ’d by their chief quality officer just before the Oppenheimer premiere.

I’ve been enjoying a few tracks off the Godzilla Minus One ost as well (“Resolution”) to the same effect. That titan needs to be heard on the symphonium titan! Without vocals in play, a little treble boost can be afforded to gain the essence of the room that orchestral pieces are recorded in and I think that’s a part of the magic. Summit-fi made us pay for treble and now bass but we should have and deserve both to enjoy on the ear thingies as well as bring it closer to real life :heart_eyes: Hope you manage to get your titan soon. I’ll keep dreaming for now. Have a good day…


@pk500 Here are some notes from my listening yesterday and this morning.

The Explorer is very good, the sound is smooth and coherent. It is slightly dark, and I really like the low pinna gain. I am enjoying the bass, and the graph is telling the same story my ears are. This is the glide style bass, not the tuck, which I find better for rock. You can feel some impact at medium volume, which I appreciate. The roll off in the treble only showed up on some cymbal strikes, but it is the harmonics that seem turned down, so it is still there just pulled back. It makes them very non-fatiguing, which is something I value.

The shells are a nice size and very comfy. My ears are just small enough that some popular IEMs are either too wide, or the nozzles are. The Explorer should fit nearly anyone. Also the case, cable, and stock tips are really good.

If anyone wants something a bit warm/dark the Explorer is a good pick. This was my first Aful, and I was impressed at the quality, presentation, and value. They are solidly on my radar, and I get why some folks talked up the Performer 5.

Thanks, my wife taught me patience and kindness, while having grandkids made me a far more empathetic person. I also find there is no shortage of strong opinions about a mostly subjective hobby ( watch collecting is even worse ), so sometimes understanding and patience can carry the day.


Many thanks, John!

I’m a bit of an Aful stan due to my great enjoyment with the MagicOne. Definitely have my eyes on the Explorer, especially since you said they’re good with rock – my preferred genre.


Alright, I’m ready to share some quick thoughts on the Simgot Supermix 4 that I’ve recently got in. It’s a tour unit provided by HiFiGo so thanks to them for allowing me the chance to take a whack at one of the newest sets from Simgot!

I’m going to start off this by saying I think the Supermix 4 deserves all the praise it’s been getting as of late. It’s currently on back order at the time of writing this and I can now understand why - This set, at $150 is simply exceptional. From the stellar build quality, to the perfect fit for my ears to the engaging and musical sound coming out of them. I should say that I usually do not like the thought of a Harman in-ear tuned IEM, I specifically avoid them because of the shouty upper-mids and lack of lower mids to balance everything out, not to mention, it’s been done over and over and over again in the budget sector as of late.

I feel like the SM4 is different, though. I feel like they’re an exercise in tuning expertise and hardware control - I cannot believe these things are a quadbrid design - 1 DD, 1 BA, 1 Micro planar and 1 PZT (piezoelectric) driver making these things a stellar example at some seriously awesome audio engineering all for just $150… it’ll be tough to beat imo.

The bass on the SM4 is Sub bass dominant, with a thick sub-bass rumble, followed by a thumpy mid-bass kick giving some fantastic depth to the notes when they hit. The rumble is both textured and slightly boomy, which I do not mind at all. The mids are incredibly clear, crisp and airy without sounding harsh to my ears - They’re both forward and smooth without any weird timbre, which I can definitely appreciate. The treble, while slightly more behind the upper-mids than I’d like, is well extended and refined to a point where micro details and dynamics are great. Another part of the SM4 that stands out to me is the sense of space these things provide - my music can breath, especially when I turn the volume up a bit - It just sounds so spacious and the opposite of claustrophobic.

The SM4s also have a neat little trick up their sleeves - they take to EQ extremely well. I highlighted an EQ profile on an earlier post in this very thread and I implore anyone to give it a shot - if you have a portable source that allows for 10 band PEQ then the SM4 could potentially be one of the most versatile IEMs I have personally listened to as of recently.

If I had to think of cons, I’d say that the upper-mids can be a bit shouty for some folks and even some of the tracks on my playlist can sound a bit thin if the mix isn’t right, so keep that in mind. I’d also like to point out that timbre in the lower treble, around 7-ish Kz can be a little bit of an issue. Playing around with EQ helped me see that.

But overall, the SM4 is an extremely fun pair of IEMs with fantastic SQ and for $150, I’m struggling to find another IEM with such a fun and engaging signature that’s been released as of late. Simgot has proven you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have some fun enjoying your music.

Bravo, Simgot. Bravo

Thanks for reading, Gents. I hope everyone has a great day!


Amazing write-up man

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Thank you kindly :v:

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Hey @domq422 does supermix 4 sound a bit metalic in treble, like in acoustic guitar does sm4 adds a little metalic zing?

Edit - thinking about getting it for a friend who is very treble sensetive

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If someone is sensitive to treble, I’d say yes it is ever so slightly metallic in the treble. But I think regardless for the average listener, it’ll blow most away.

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Absolutely. For $150 crazy good technical chops. But since he didn’t like ea500 or ea1000 I’d probably look at S08.

Edit - Got another $100 coupon(paid $50) in linsoul, with $100 discount on sm4 becomes no brainer. Even if he doesn’t like it it can be my new runing buds​:blush::joy:


To be technical it’s a $50 coupon, cause you paid $50 for it.

Other than that, carry on

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That’s actually a very valid rec, but I haven’t heard them quite yet so i didn’t want to put my neck out quite yet… I do have a review set coming in tho!

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cool. I’ll wait. no hurry. and your beauty shots :man_cook: :kissing_heart:


too kind, brother, too kind. I appreciate you!


Simgot Supermix 4 -$134.99
Simgot Em10 - $395.99 with LEC coupon absolutely no brainer


IDK for $400 the EM10 is just another Harmon boosted IEM that you can get for $20 from KZ IMO not a fan and not for that much money.

It absolutely does nothing special.
#1 Simgot Fanboy ia crushed by this release to be quite honest.

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So far ea500, ea1000 and ea500LM all 3 are hit, with mods of course. Let’s see how’s supermix 4

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I haven’t tried both yet. I have a supermix 4 coming from a local dealer.

In some WhatsApp group people who have recieved em10 can’t stop praising it. With LEC coupon $350 for em10 seems like a good deal. I’m personally gonna go for hype 4. That treble hits me just right.

I ended up ordering onix xl1 as well based on your rec :smile:. Haven’t gotten ay dac/amp in a while so I was itching to buy something new.

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I am honestly hopefull the SM4 sounds less like a EM10 and sounds more like a modified EA500LM, at $140 might have some things going for it.


I think I’m currently going through a lull with this hobby.

Every now and again, I get this overwhelming lack of interest with this hobby. New releases, current market setters and anything having to do with news or forums just completely bores me. Last year, I took 2 months off and didn’t check or contribute the forums at all. This year, I don’t think I’ll do the same but jeez, I think I’m burnt out at this point.

Anyone else go through these phases?