Dom Q’s spot (Recap of CanJam NYC and other things)

Good timing as well, cuz there arent as many releases in the summer compared to winter (cuz 11/11 sales).


I was very happy when folks asked me about getting on the gear tour, but I didn’t want to feel that sense of obligation. I have a little too much going on with a disabled spouse, a job that is a bit heavy on the responsibility, and adult children that are growing up a bit behind schedule. I love having a hobby, but it can be easy to screw up and turn a hobby into a job.

Love you too man.

My brain latched onto “Maybe The Real Treasure Was the Friends We Made Along the Way”. This hobby has been different in the sense that I have made some real friends here. You do what you need to, and if you just want to shoot the shit, we will be here. I think breaks even in things we enjoy, are good for most of us.

Indeed, I have 5 IEMs on my desk that could get me to the end of my days.


A lot of truth behind this one brother🤙


So true… I feel like there were way too many releases in the first half of this year, and not just any random Pokémons but actually really good IEMs. I’m looking forward to the market settling a bit.

Exactly, man. If you have too much going on, trust me, reviewing and being a part of a tour group is not for you. It completely ruins the hobby and takes you away from the music. There was a point where I didn’t even enjoy my music anymore, I was either enjoying or not enjoying the IEM I was listening to at the time and that is exactly NOT what I want to do.

Since stepping back a few days ago and repackaging all the tour units I have, I’ve since been rocking a pair of modded Rosefinches, unbalanced using the Muse M4 and I’m in complete bliss. Not worrying about the next write up or pictures I need to take… I still can’t believe how much that short 2 months took out of me.

You’re one of the realest dudes on here, John, I always appreciate your words and contributions to the threads. No doubt about it, you’re an asset to the community!


It’s good that I’m on the other side of the world and I don’t have to review IEMs from tour groups, because I will completely lose the pleasure of listening to music. Reviews reflect badly on the audiophile because the audiophile becomes an IEM testing machine. That’s not the purpose of the hobby.
We’re here for the music, whoever listens :v:


Absolutely agree, we’re here for the music, nothing more, nothing less. That can get blurry from time to time, it’s important to remember.


I have thought your thoughts as well. Sometimes reviewers just seem to be churning out reviews. I just want to add that reviewers do give us perspective when we do not have access to a particular IEM.

For me, I seem to take weeks to really get to “know” an IEM. Maybe some reviewers can make snap judgments but, typically, I need some time with an IEM to make a definitive judgment.


Same. Ever since I got Cadenza 4 and a new job that keeps me busy, I have been watching from a distance just to keep up with the new releases but I’m in no hurry of getting anything else. Just waiting for a good affordable bassy set to complement the Cadenza4.


That’s probably not going to happen :money_mouth_face::gear:
Better make sure not getting caught in the endless loop of new releases


This hobby and a lot of people in it are so fake, man, it’s absolutely hilarious.

This IEM comes out and everything else before it, is all of a sudden completely out of the blue garbage.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait for the next IEM in a few weeks that’ll make the Binary Dynaquattro a turd as well :joy:

HBB was right, this site really has turned into Head-Fi 2.0.


I just talked with that guy. The one you said you thought was chill. Seems you was correct. :ok_hand:

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Are you talking about Sundeep? Yeah, after all the bs I’ve been reading about him lately, he’s another one. Not really sure what to make of any of it at this point. So many Shills. So much dirt. I didn’t expect it to be this much… now that it’s bleeding over to here it makes me sad.


I joined the group, talked to dude, he’s a music lover and folks troll him. He is not unusual or dirty compared to anyone else. He’s expanding Chifi in India. Nothing wrong with that :100:


Did you see the whole drama with Eric Lab?

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Like Senyor said, there’s some stuff going on between him and Eric Lab, which quite frankly, I’m not so sure about either, so I’m up in the air. I don’t know what to believe at this point so I’m just sticking to the music and my tour group buddies when it comes to listening impressions and opinions.


Don’t tease :joy:

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There is a reason I only really communicate with the fellas in our group. Pretty much over hearing what most people have to say on here anymore. HBB was correcto my friend🤙


A good amount of OGs in here I still trust. A lot of you though got me filling like something suspicious walks amongst. Time to put on my shades. I’ve got no idea who’s legit anymore for the most part.


It’s time to chew bubblegum and kickass…and I’m all out of bubblegum.


Couldn’t agree more


Also this forum used to be not only helpful but fun. A lot of engagement with new comers, general IEM talk and a dash of fun every now and then. Now it’s mostly a bunch of shills, vague questions and a next to know fun factor.

I hit the snooze button awhile back following updates on most of the threads.


Two years ago this thread was the key to me getting into the hobby. Nice folks, fun post and a lot of no bs independent reviews. None of the Head-Fi BS. If I were coming into the hobby today I’d walk away immediately with Head-Fi and here being the two biggest sources for forums.