Dongle DAC to external amp?

Has anyone tried a dongle DAC to an amp? I’m currently running Meze Classics to an Aune B1s and then into a Topping D50s. I was thinking of swapping out the Topping for a THX Onyx or an Audioquest red. It looks like most dongles put out 2v, same as a desktop DAC, just not sure if the built in amp of the dongle would do anything with the added amp in the chain.

Is anyone else running a similar setup. Will this work. Will my headphones instantly explode, causing a rift in the time-space-continuum?

Yes my Nuprime hi mdac is connected with a 3.5 mm to Rca cable to the Little Dot 1+ ans sounds well.
I like it a lot.

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I ran an AudioQuest Cobalt to a Liquid Carbon X for a bit. Worked fine, no issue. Speaking of, I’m not using the AQ Cobalt anymore. Let me know if you are interested in it.