Don't deep clean the sennheiser hd 500 series pads

I’ve had my hd 599’s for a while now and I’ve cleaned them every month with a microfiber cloth. But I figured since it’s been so long I might as well wash them. So I looked up a tutorial on youtube and it seemed allright. I washed them in slightly warm water with a softening washing liquid. Afterwards I let them dry in room temperature out of the sun. When they were dry they did get cleaner, but somehow the pad depth had decreased making them really uncomfortable. They also didn’t get softer at all. I would really advise against washing your earpads if you own a sennheiser hd 500 series headphone.

that’s telling me they’re probably not fully tried out yet…with water the foam will be denser than usual which would make them uncomfortable as they’d lose any of the softeness they had before.

That’s what I thought too but I let them dry for two days, so I’m pretty sure they’re dry. Thanks for the suggestion though.

probably dry on the outside but not on the inside. try putting them by a heat vent to quicken the evaporation?

Yeah I put them above my heater for a bit and they felt the same. I think I’m just gonna buy replacement pads.

how long did you let them sit by the heater? pads aren’t exactly cheap for what they are…so I’d let them sit a bit longer.