Don't have much space, need horizontal speakers to place under TV

Hello all,

Planning to buy a new TV soon and also planning to get some speakers to place under it.
Since I don’t really have much space I was planning to start with a 2.0 setup and upgrade it later once I rent a bigger place in the future.
Since I plan to use a 2.0 setup I plan to use my dac/amp with xlr outputs, so powered monitors would be preferred unless you have an idea on how to easily connect passive monitors.

Since I don’t want my TV to be mounted too high on the wall I was planning on maybe getting studio monitors like the fx50 or fx80 and placing them sideways. Since I don’t have that much space I will have to place the speakers in close proximity to each other.

I will be around 2.2m from the TV / speakers and there is a wall directly behind me and to the side of me.

I don’t live in US / EU so prices and availability between different speakers vary, but usually everything is more expensive where I live.

Budget is around 600-800$ for 2 speakers.

Nothing is set in stone, I am open to any suggestions.
Any help would be appreciated.

If you want stuff with an okay dac built in and decent io for other stuff look at kanto speakers

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Traditional speakers disperse well horizontally and poorly vertically. If you place speakers sideways you will have a narrow sweet spot. Not a big deal if you sit in one spot but if you are sitting off-axis your treble is likely to be the first thing that drops off.

You’re on the right track with coaxial speakers as they do better sideways, but the ones you listed are studio monitors and studio monitors (IMO) don’t work well in home theatre. Unless your dac/amp comes with a remote then there will be no good way of adjusting volume. Nearly every TV on the market locks out volume control from the TV remote when using optical. You’d need some sort of eARC extractor to get volume control via the TV remote.

Passive center channel speakers as a stereo pair. Got one set of micca rb42c paired with appletv4k fio DA smsl SA300 and elac 1010 sub. The bees knees.

I might get another pair of larger nicer center ch speakers.

Buy some XLR to analog cables.