DOOM Eternal's The Ancient Gods Part 1 DLC Tracks: What did you think of it?

After listening to some of the in-game tracks in DOOM Eternal’s DLC after Mick Gordon left and not doing music for it anymore, I have to say that Andrew Hulshult and David Levy did a fantastic job of doing the soundtrack for it. I mean to me, they are still able to capture that DOOM feel but with their own unique take of it, despite me missing Mick’s sounds from it.

It has been polarizing from what I am seeing so far, there are some, who are like me, loved Andrew and David’s compositions and mixing to the soundtrack, while the others are not easily pleased by it, clearly missing Mick’s signature sounds for DOOM that they have grown fond with, and I am part of those demographic as well.

To those who have given a listen to it, what do you think? I think in my opinion, Andrew Hulshult and David Levy are able to fill Mick Gordon’s shoes in well with their own twists, styles and flavors that still represents the game as it is.

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The biggest issue is that the mastering of the tracks is the biggest issue. The dynamics are not on par with Mike Gordon. Read up on Mike Gordon’s comments and see if his opinions correlate with your own.

I’m gonna necro this since I somehow missed it back in October.

I loved Andrew Hulshult’s and david Levy’s work on the dlc. Like you said, it was still very much modern doom but with their own style mixed in. I genuinely don’t think Andrew Hulshult is capable of a doing a bad job and David Levy seems talented as well.

@DagoRed I think your mistaking the dlc music for the slap dash ost release for the main game. So far the dlc soundtrack has not been released so we don’t now how well it is/isn’t mixed.

I’m still salty about that main game ost release since it’s not just the dynamic range that’s messed up. There are so many songs that would have more than likely been mixed in with others to make a longer but more cohesive song, there are literal mistakes like 15 sec of total silence and a pop at the end if a song or a snipet of a voice during the shotgun racking sound in S.O.S from earth. It is such an obviously rushed release and they know it. That’s why it’s still not on streaming and was only shunted out to the collectors edition owners to avoid the risk of refunds.


I hope the DLC soundtrack’s overall mixing can be done justice, and I think both sides during the main game’s soundtrack creation are just wrong. It could’ve worked out well in the end if both Mick and id are able to work together in the end.

With the DLC’s soundtrack, I have earned more respect to Andrew and a newfound respect to David Levy, for I did not really known him back then, but man when he did the tracks of UAC Atlantica, Trial of Maligog and the Final Boss theme on The Holt stage, mhm it is still DOOM but with a different sound.

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