Double Sided Tape for Headphone Hanger

Anybody have any good recommendations for a brand/model of heavy-duty double sided tape?

I’ve relocated my headphone hangers and thus needed to purchase an adhesive to stick them back onto the wall. The adhesive that came on them was great, but now I’ve tried 3 different tapes with no luck. The weight of my headphones pull the hangers off the wall. Ugh.

3M Command Strips (in the US) or Tesa Powerstrips (an EU-equivalent).

Any specific reason why you can’t use screws?

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This is true you can probably use screws.

Just use a long screw and drill into a stud. Then hang said headphones from that screw.

Screws are not an option since the hangers are solid silicone and plastic. No holes. Also the mounting location doesn’t have any conveniently located studs.

The command strips look promising, but I will try @Wesley’s suggestion. Fingers crossed!

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Update - So unfortunately, Wesley’s suggestion of using the above linked 3M tape from Amazon, failed. The adhesion lasted less than an hour after proper application and the headphones placed on the hanger.

SOLVED: I did however, find a tape that works! I’m not sure what this will do to the wall if I have to remove the hanger, but the headphones have stayed up now for over 48hrs without issue. I ended up going with “Gorilla Mounting Tape”.