Doubt about Visaton B80 and Scan Speak 10F/8414G10

Did those who used them prefer one or the other?
I need help, if anyone has them could you check the weight?
The documentation indicates 0.32 Kg, the 10F/8414G10 only 0.16Kg; It seems like too much of a difference to me. For me one of the two is wrong!

Manufacturer given weight 0.4Kg

If you want, read this.

Well, let me explain better:
From the related PDF documentation you can read the net weight of the speakers.
Visaton B80 = 0.32 Kg
Scan-Speak 10f-8414g10 = 0.16 Kg
I think such a difference is unlikely, so if there is someone who has at least one of the two and is patient and kind perhaps they could verify it.

True, the webpage information 0,4 and documentation 0,16 is off.
[email protected] why not ask them to verify?

I sent the application to Visaton:
The response was that there is an error that they will correct, the exact weight of the B80 is 0.297 kg.
I await the response from Scan-Speak.

And the Scan-Speak response is … 0.16 Kg

There you go. :slight_smile:
So both had little miss information buts its now corrected. Yeet